About Us

Anatolian Sausage has adopted a sustainable

approach by using natural resources efficiently while displaying a respectful attitude towards its employees, environment, and efforts during its production process. Thanks to these attributes, it aims to add an innovative breath to the meat and meat-products sector.

Who We Are

Efeturk has succeeded in becoming a brand that has gained the trust of consumers with its halal, quality, and reliable products all over Europe.

As the Efeturk family, we take pride in moving forward on our journey in the European food and meat sector, which we started 6 years ago, with your support and satisfaction.

We are bringing our traditional sausage, one of the historical tastes of Anatolia that we have always dreamed of and that you have missed, to Europe. We are experiencing the joy and happiness of introducing the Anatolian Sausage brand to you.

By combining traditional flavors with modern production techniques, Anatolian Sausage adheres to its local roots and responds to contemporary consumer demands. Consumers feel as if they are walking through the rich and delicious cuisine of Anatolia in each of their dishes.

It has adopted the mission of adding a new breath to the meat sector with the same meticulousness as the brand of Anatolian Sausage, respecting labor, the environment, and its employees, and using its natural resources efficiently.

As Anatolian Sausage, our vision is to preserve the unique flavor of Anatolia, which has been cherished for centuries, and to pass it on to future generations, bringing this delightful taste to all of Europe.

Halal Production
Unique Flavor